Ash Koosha – “Mudafossil” TRACK REVIEW

Mudafossil Track.png

It’s hard not to infer that the music of those with personally affecting stories and their narratives are somewhat related. But with the first single off of Ash Koosha’s upcoming LP titled I AKA I, the sound and the story seemingly align. And his story is that of turmoil and unease, after seeking asylum in the UK after the music he made forced him out of his native Iran. Following last year’s alien-esque GUUD, Koosha continues to deliver even more otherworldly compositions.

“Mudafossil” buzzes and hums to life within the first moments, but it doesn’t take long for hysteria to unfold. Flailing string sections splinter off as glitches begin to infect the core of the track. And while rapid fire drum and bass are akin to his new UK home, there’s an unmistakably traditional sonic quality to it all, likely something picked up after studying at the Tehran Music Conservatory. As the tension builds, and the old and the new collide in bombarding fits of terror, sirens wail and crash downward, adding to the chaos. And chaos is something Ash knows well, after he and 200 others were arrested for playing a rock concert in Iran. These elements all confine the listener, but offer a three-dimensional take on a unique narrative. As they build to an upcoming climax, they’re silenced, hinting at even more unknowns and instability within the confines of Ash Koosha’s 2016 album.

– T. Pennington

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