Malibu Score

Time plays an interesting role in the career of Anderson .Paak, born Brandon Paak Anderson. While musically active for six years, the word-of-mouth Paak received after having a monumental 2015 seemed to skyrocket him to a level only a few could aspire to reach. Appearing not only on the big name projects such as Dr. Dre’s blockbuster Compton and The Game’s sequel to a sequel to a West Coast classic, The Documentary 2.5, Anderson Paak worked with underground legends such as Blu, Busdriver, and Madlib. He was even featured on fellow up-and-comer Goldlink’s debut LP. And now in 2016, less than two years after his debut Venice, Paak has capitalized on the hype surrounding him with Malibu, a record that is as fully realized as the precocious artist behind it could be after honing in on his talents during a productive year. Continue reading “Malibu ALBUM REVIEW”

Emotional Mugger ALBUM REVIEW

Emotional Mugger Score

Ty Segall is a man often applauded for his ability to transform his ostentatious rock sound. And for fans of Segall with a keen ear for subtleties, they’re right. Over the course of his now ten-album discography, he’s dabbled in garage, acoustic, folk, punk, and psychedelic rock. With Emotional Mugger, he ramps up the intensity and distortion of his garage rock aesthetics and drowns himself in gritty reverb. But the biggest question Segall needed to answer with this release that bookends a long line of sonically similar releases is, “Is it different enough?” Continue reading “Emotional Mugger ALBUM REVIEW”

Kanye West – “No More Parties in LA” TRACK REVIEW

no more parties in la final.png

Revisiting the albums Kanye West released before his mother died is reminiscent of looking through childhood yearbooks. Every artistic phase and every triumph is met with a glow of nostalgia. Whether it’s the eye-rolling “The New Workout Plan” or the heartwarming “Hey Mama” or the stylish “Flashing Lights”, the songs from the trio of albums that started Kanye’s career connect on a familial level. And with the continuing of the G.O.O.D. Friday program, Kanye seems to be progressing further into his past. “Real Friends” bridged the gap between the forward thinking hip-hop icon the public viewed him as with a simple piano loop and more down to earth lyrics, but with the release of “No More Parties in LA”, the gap between the Kanye from Late Registration and the Kanye of today has been erased. Continue reading “Kanye West – “No More Parties in LA” TRACK REVIEW”


Blackstar Score.png

There’s a man sitting alone in a dimly lit corner of a room, left barren by his own sense of self-satisfaction. He momentarily feels life’s peaks, yet his comedowns are marked by nothing but loathsome regret. His possessions dwindle as the days go on. His highs get lower with every journey, but the need to go on the journey grows more inescapable. As he drives the stake into his arm for the umpteenth time, the dirty room fades around him. The walls dissipate and the empty blackness of the void surrounds him. The glow of the stars comfortingly blinds him as the burden of his own weight is lifted away. The airy guitar and drums tiptoe into his void, accompanying his emptiness with momentum and force. Horns creep into his world, pulsating every returning rush that washes over his body in a wave of euphoria. The horns grow more sporadic, the drums less stable. The high is ending, the journey nearly over. The man prepares his next dose, ready to return to the stars as Major Tom. Continue reading “Blackstar ALBUM REVIEW”