Sioux Falls – “Dinosaur Dying” TRACK REVIEW

Dinosaur Dying Score Card

With the release of Sioux Falls’ debut Rot Forever quickly approaching, the band has been steadily releasing singles for the past few months, building nostalgia for a decade seemingly forgotten. Following the album’s opening track “Dom” and the comparatively unimaginative “Soaked in Sleep”, the Portland indie rock/emo outfit streamed “Dinosaur Dying”, a song so devoid of 21st-centuryisms that it feels unearthed straight from 1997.

Sioux Falls seems to be operating in pure anachronism. Their music stretches far beyond any semblance of influence, instead taking a more purist approach in saturating themselves in 90’s rock amenities, accidentally stumbling into 2016. Basking in a warm glow of sea-green channeled emotionalism a la American Football, Sioux Falls perfectly captures that long-lost youthfulness that comes with the scatterbrained in-the-moment moments resonating in all lost teenagers with loosely gripped understandings.

And really, “Dinosaur Dying” isn’t about the desire to give your quickly approaching life momentum, a feeling raised by the multitude of questions posed in “Dom”. Instead, this track stays staggered and unsure, conjuring imagery of late-night rooftop conversations and exploring tastes of music in local independent scenes. Buried in the vagueness of the lyricism is an echoic emotional core, the kind that the best emo albums can never be without. It’s the subtle familiarity that comes with “those long nights where you’re not even crying”. It’s the realization that your own little tendencies are the ones you hate the most. And it’s the desire to better yourself in a time where self-hating cynicism and confusion floods your headspace.

– Zach W.

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