Sitcom – “Ice Water” TRACK REVIEW

Ice Water Card

Ice Water” is a study of growth; an exhibit of layering that transforms isolated, electronically tinted guitar notes into one of effervescence and clarity. The wobbly and askew synths swirl around the comparatively lazy hip-hop drumbeat, a drawn-out introduction to a “Porcelain”-inspired approach to plunderphonic sampling. The gorgeously airy instrumental track is topped off by Jake Lazovick’s grating and laughably forlorn vocals, a gaudy bauble of juxtaposition if there ever was one.

These moments spiral around with one another until the final minute and a half of the track, culminating the sad-sack off-hand remarks into a twinkling display of intimacy. Lazovick sighs that he “no longer wanted to talk about it”, his final word ascending beyond any semblance of pitch, transforming into a funhouse mirror of exuberance. As far as pop goes, it’s eclectic if not addictive. But “Ice Water” is more than just a catchy chorus built around a sea of synth elations. It’s an alternative dimension’s subtle yet brilliant take on James Blake, unabashedly soaked in irony and proud imperfections.

– Zach W.