Wench – “Sick” TRACK REVIEW

Sick Score

Arca has always been piercingly straightforward when it comes to producing his intense blend of glitch and hip-hop inspired electronica. But with the release of “Sick” with Shayne Oliver from Hood By Air, there’s a sobering emotion in how up front the duo exhibits tenderness. The opening synths rise like the prayers to nightmarish nights. But they soon crystalize around the shrieking accusations of Oliver, spewing “you’re so sick” with brooding wickedness. But “Sick” offers up a delightfully odd sentiment as the track unfurls. Brimming with carnal melodies, the lustful vocals begin to reveal sexual desires with aggressive tinges. And as the organic production spirals and repeats, it essentially dissipates, accumulating into a hollow if not intense two minutes. If “Sick” is a glimpse into the toxic and sensual world these two have been hiding in, then let’s pray that their rumored collection of “forty to fifty songs” are just as exhilarative.

– T. Pennington

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