Charli XCX – “Vroom Vroom” TRACK REVIEW

Vroom Vroom Track Card.png

Charli XCX has ditched her previous pop approaches (and label) in an effort to capitalize on the growing sub-genre of PC Music. She’s paired up with genre heavy-hitters SOPHIE and Hannah Diamond on her newest EP, which shares its title with her new self-produced label. The title track, “Vroom Vroom”, has production from SOPHIE, and although it only lasts about two minutes, it features some insightful risks and hopeful directions for the movement.

This isn’t the kind of track that could have made itself on PRODUCT, though the disorienting bouncy first half is somewhat reminiscent of “MSMSMSM“. The car metaphor is clunky if not winsome, but the track change ushered in by Charli’s gleeful “beep beep” is difficult to dislike. About halfway through, the off-kilter electronic spurts of pop are halted and replaced by pulsating Chicago-style house beats. Charli brings it all back with her beautiful hopes of looking for a good time, a sentiment that resonates especially soundly atop the thudding barrage of SOPHIE-infused twinkles. Is it revolutionary? No, but it’s a step closer to popularizing one more underground genre to the masses, shedding light on a few artists whose talents have been almost entirely dismissed before even beginning.

– Zach W.