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ANOHNI, formerly known as Antony Hegarty, has always been an artist that resisted theatrics, if not violently fought against them. Every performance is rooted in genuine pathos. And this integrity has avoided exhaustion in Hegarty’s ability to transcend personal drama to become an agent for the victims of the world. And on the introduction to her first album in six years, ANOHNI sets the stage for an album of sorrow on a global scale.

The serenity of the first synth never felt safe in the hands of Hegarty and co., and once her melancholy warble confronts the listener with the command of “drone bomb me” and “blow me from the mountain”, the revelation feels like a harrowing epiphany. Bombastic drums collide into a collapsing siren of a synth that reminds of the efficiently savage  modern age we live in, militaristically and musically. But as puissant and gloomy as she can be, ANOHNI finds pockets of uplift and light, with rhythmic handclaps and layered vocals towering above the synthesized rubble below. Hegarty has never been one to shy away from these feelings, but with the recent single “4 Degrees” and now the release of this single, the ANOHNI project offers a magnifying glass of authenticity and personable intimacy that strip the comfort for those who live in a conservative, Western bubble. And with such a commanding voice that captures the chaotic, electric elements in a bottle, HOPELESSNESS looks to mirror the nightmares of our future for the ones who refuse to open their eyes.

– T. Pennington

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