Play.List – Living That College Life

Real College Student

I finally made it to college. It took a lot, but I did it. After taking those pointless classes in high school, I can focus on the classes that matter. I know distractions won’t be an issue now that I’ve moved far away from everyone I know. Family? Gone. Friends? Oh you better believe they’re gone. But I don’t need any of that. Because I’ve got my eyes on the prize: the degree.

And what a degree it’ll be. Is my college known for this major? Not at all. In fact, it wasn’t even listed on the brochure of majors. But that’s perfect! Class sizes are way smaller than any other major, almost like it’s nonexistent in the eyes of the school. And even if I don’t make friends with the dozen other people in my major classes, I’ll always have my roommate. Sure, I just met him this year, but I can already tell we’ll be friends for life. Our roommate agreement is perfect. I’ll admit, I wasn’t super excited when he forced that sex clause in, but boy has it paid off. A new girl every night? More like a new friend for me every night. Granted, I never do see them again, but one of these days I’ll introduce myself instead of pretending to be asleep for hours on end.

I really can’t gush about this environment enough. Best four years of your life? That’s an understatement. Campus is the epitome of convenience. The dining hall is but a walk down the street. The library is even closer. And yeah, I wish the school psychologist was a little bit closer, but it’s worth the walk nonetheless! Never before have I felt so in tune with my emotions. Crying never felt so easy. Loneliness never felt so real. Seeing everyone around me smiling and enjoying themselves is completely infectious; not at all a huge factor in my crippling depression. If this is any indication of what life after college is like, sign me up immediately.

1. Blink-182 – Going Away to College

2. Vampire Weekend – Campus

3. Simon & Garfunkel – Homeward Bound

4. The Flaming Lips – Suddenly Everything Has Changed

5. Swans – Failure

6. Boards of Canada – Gyroscope

7. The Haxan Cloak – Mara

8. Ben Frost – Through the Roof of Your Mouth

9. Merzbow – Spiral Blast 

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