Meet The Humans ALBUM REVIEW

Meet the Humans Score

Raw emotion and music are intertwined. It is almost axiomatic to point out that emotions are critical to the singer/songwriter genre. Often, they come through the artist’s messages in politics, love and other social issues. These messages masquerade around, hiding the artist’s true perspective, attempting to draw the listener in. A good artist uses their messages to truly connect to as many listeners as possible and make them feel something; challenging truths they hold dear. Steve Mason plays right into these norms and proudly wears his clichéd heart on his sleeve, baring it all in Meet The Humans. Famously of Beta Band and not one to shy away from media attention, Steve Mason presents all his pent-up emotions about whatever the fuck bothered him over the last couple of years and gives the listeners an album that doubles as a catharsis for himself. Continue reading “Meet The Humans ALBUM REVIEW”


Mind of Mine Zayn Score

In a way, Mind of Mine is a difficult record to review because of how bizarrely wide its reaching audience is. Coming off his exit from neo-boy band One Direction, many might expect Zayn Malik’s debut LP to be a pop-heavy, substance-free collection of singles. However, Mind of Mine’s attempt at rebranding Malik as “ZAYN” relies instead on referencing the kind of alternative RnB made recognizable by artists like The Weeknd and Miguel, granting Zayn attention from music bloggers and indie-cred publications for his revamped, more “mature” approach. So, while it is far from being highly original or complex, Mind of Mine’s flirtation with PBR&B style and cloud-rap beats comes off authentic enough, and accumulates into some solid tracks. Continue reading “Mind of Mine ALBUM REVIEW”


Love Streams Score

Back in 2013 Tim Hecker released his seventh solo album Virgins. Prior to this, his albums had always contained small doses of drone, noise and ambient music. His output was always something of quality, although it was often abstract enough that it remained underground. Virgins was different. From the opening track, “Prism”, it was loud, harsh and overwhelming. Focusing almost exclusively on live instruments rather than electronics, the pianos were copiously layered and melodies stretched on for multiple songs. Even the static played an important part in the melody rather than just assisting the atmosphere. It was his most epic and grandiose album thus far and garnered well-deserved universal acclaim. Yet it presented a problem for future projects. Once you have constructed an album of such grandness, where do you go next? Continue reading “Love Streams ALBUM REVIEW”


Sept 5th Score

Lust is a shallow emotion. There are enormous complexities that it’s often correlated with, but there’s nothing deep or praiseworthy about wanting another person’s body, and allowing that to consume your identity. Music is the reflection of emotions into an audio format. Therefore, music concentrating solely on lust is bound to be incredibly shallow, vapid, and uninspired. Continue reading “Sept. 5th ALBUM REVIEW”

BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow ALBUM REVIEW

BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow Score

At this point, it should be no surprise that Babyfather’s BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow is the definitive Benchmark album on numerous sites, including this one. Upon its release, it was universally lauded. It was only April 1, but the writing was on Parliament’s walls: BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow was an opus, a statement, a feat. It felt weighty, labored, accomplished. Forty-eight minutes of big ideas handled with complexity, it was a dextrous addition to the canon of art expressing disenchantment with being British and not being American. It launched a thousand thinkpieces, and forced critics to think deeply about music – to the point that it was still generating back-and-forths about its merits, as late as last night, eight days after its release. Commercially speaking, it set first-week streaming records for Hyperdub (note: this is purely speculation; no research was done), meaning that it was being listened to as fervently as it was being debated (which, again, may or may not be much). Continue reading “BBF Hosted by DJ Escrow ALBUM REVIEW”