The Hope Six Demolition Project ALBUM REVIEW

Hope Six Score

For a prolific songwriter like PJ Harvey, each new record she adds to her expansive catalogue is going to come with a certain level of reverence, regardless of its final impression. After becoming a high profile artist in the mid 90’s for her mixture of deep blues rhythms and tones with indie rock splendor, Harvey has since traded in celebrity for artistry, letting nine studio albums do her speaking for her. On her latest, The Hope Six Demolition Project¸ Harvey seemingly has a lot to say about the intersectionality of politics and culture, touching on specific examples of gentrification (the album title comes from an infamous plan to tear down public housing projects with high crime rates), political corruption, and the struggle of the common person. However, despite well executed performances by Harvey and her collaborators, a focused lyrical concept, and some very strong singles, a lot of Hope Six Demolition comes off as unnecessarily brooding and dark, and not in a good way. The record’s instrumentation is simply too busy for Harvey’s intended concepts to hit with the punch they should, and although still enjoyable, one cannot help being disappointed with the execution of The Hope Six Demolition Project.   Continue reading “The Hope Six Demolition Project ALBUM REVIEW”

Play.List – Combatting Anxiety


As long as I can remember, I’ve felt the tingle of anxiety run up and down my sleeve.  From high school dances to now transferring colleges, at some point in-between life transitions, I tend to freeze up and get lost emotionally. Only since getting older did I realize that although hard for me to deal with sometimes, anxiety is something we all experience in one capacity or another, and is nothing to be ashamed of. Empathy breeds understanding, and no medium expresses that like music does. Because of this, I tried curating a playlist that might act as a tool for those feeling anxiety’s grip, a collection of soothing indie-crooners and songwriters whose melodies and lyrics loosen the knot in my own stomach. And if you don’t feel genuinely more relaxed by the end of this list, I hope you at least close the browser with slightly lighter shoulders or a less cloudy head. It’s going to be okay.  Continue reading “Play.List – Combatting Anxiety”

Amen & Goodbye ALBUM REVIEW

Amen & Goodbye Score

The metaphysical structure of the world leaves humans yearning to explore themselves and their surroundings. These musings create artistic works that attempt to explain how the world is stitched together. The ideation is driven by passion, fear, or curiosity and this artwork created varies from masterpieces to some duds. For the most part, these pieces connect with people and offer a different bridge to thinking.  Continue reading “Amen & Goodbye ALBUM REVIEW”


The Follower Score

Looping is the essence of songwriting. Any even moderately conventional genre loops almost to a cliché; artists like The Field are just upfront about it. Of course, this throws off a lot of people. Other artists have explored looping more thoroughly (see Disintegration Loops) but nobody has reached such heights of popularity. From Here We Go Sublime, his first LP, was the most critically acclaimed album of 2007. How does someone who merely repeats something over and over achieve any level of artistic success?  Continue reading “The Follower ALBUM REVIEW”

Play.List – Critics HATE This One Trick!


Over time, critics have disregarded some genres, styles, ideas and artists completely. Of course, anything hated on in the past always eventually gets reevaluated in a more positive light. We here at Basementality know that you want nothing more than to be ahead of the crowd of poptimists. You caught on the Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Drake waves – artists transformed from meme status to critic-proof musical masterminds. And you deleted your “guilty pleasures” playlist months ago. But in the race to claim you always liked things before everyone else, it’s almost impossible to keep up. That’s where we come in! With these 16 easy steps, you too can enjoy the JEALOUSY and ANNOYANCE that comes along with having more hipster credibility than anyone else! So sit back, click play, and indulge in some sweet, sweet superiority.  Continue reading “Play.List – Critics HATE This One Trick!”