Play.List – Combatting Anxiety


As long as I can remember, I’ve felt the tingle of anxiety run up and down my sleeve.  From high school dances to now transferring colleges, at some point in-between life transitions, I tend to freeze up and get lost emotionally. Only since getting older did I realize that although hard for me to deal with sometimes, anxiety is something we all experience in one capacity or another, and is nothing to be ashamed of. Empathy breeds understanding, and no medium expresses that like music does. Because of this, I tried curating a playlist that might act as a tool for those feeling anxiety’s grip, a collection of soothing indie-crooners and songwriters whose melodies and lyrics loosen the knot in my own stomach. And if you don’t feel genuinely more relaxed by the end of this list, I hope you at least close the browser with slightly lighter shoulders or a less cloudy head. It’s going to be okay.  Continue reading “Play.List – Combatting Anxiety”

Play.List – Critics HATE This One Trick!


Over time, critics have disregarded some genres, styles, ideas and artists completely. Of course, anything hated on in the past always eventually gets reevaluated in a more positive light. We here at Basementality know that you want nothing more than to be ahead of the crowd of poptimists. You caught on the Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Drake waves – artists transformed from meme status to critic-proof musical masterminds. And you deleted your “guilty pleasures” playlist months ago. But in the race to claim you always liked things before everyone else, it’s almost impossible to keep up. That’s where we come in! With these 16 easy steps, you too can enjoy the JEALOUSY and ANNOYANCE that comes along with having more hipster credibility than anyone else! So sit back, click play, and indulge in some sweet, sweet superiority.  Continue reading “Play.List – Critics HATE This One Trick!”

Play.List – Living That College Life

Real College Student

I finally made it to college. It took a lot, but I did it. After taking those pointless classes in high school, I can focus on the classes that matter. I know distractions won’t be an issue now that I’ve moved far away from everyone I know. Family? Gone. Friends? Oh you better believe they’re gone. But I don’t need any of that. Because I’ve got my eyes on the prize: the degree. Continue reading “Play.List – Living That College Life”