Bloc Party – “Virtue” TRACK REVIEW

Virtue Track.png

Remember when Bloc Party released Silent Alarm? It fell nicely into that early 2000’s wave of post-punk revivalism that came complete with a modernized, dark sheen. The Strokes had garnered wild acclaim with Is This It and Interpol was riding off the high that came with dropping their magnum opus Turn On the Bright Lights. Even the opening guitar plucks of Bloc Party’s “This Modern Love” are reminiscent of Interpol’s “Roland”. The influences could sometimes be too on the nose, but Bloc Party had captured an authentic sound that was at once familiar and yet still recognizably their own. Continue reading “Bloc Party – “Virtue” TRACK REVIEW”

Kanye West – “No More Parties in LA” TRACK REVIEW

no more parties in la final.png

Revisiting the albums Kanye West released before his mother died is reminiscent of looking through childhood yearbooks. Every artistic phase and every triumph is met with a glow of nostalgia. Whether it’s the eye-rolling “The New Workout Plan” or the heartwarming “Hey Mama” or the stylish “Flashing Lights”, the songs from the trio of albums that started Kanye’s career connect on a familial level. And with the continuing of the G.O.O.D. Friday program, Kanye seems to be progressing further into his past. “Real Friends” bridged the gap between the forward thinking hip-hop icon the public viewed him as with a simple piano loop and more down to earth lyrics, but with the release of “No More Parties in LA”, the gap between the Kanye from Late Registration and the Kanye of today has been erased. Continue reading “Kanye West – “No More Parties in LA” TRACK REVIEW”