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Astrological symbolism used to hold weight. The twelve little icons that carry a celestial bond to your time of birth, which all coincided to determine what kind of person you’d become and what kind of day you’d have today, has long lost its presence. Zodiac signs are pretty much regarded as nothing but hokum now, with as much fine-tuned sophistication and careful thought put into them as modern-day fortune cookies. But for Ulver, the zodiac signs remain meaningful: a twelve-pronged inspiration for their twelve-part twelfth release. Continue reading “ATGCLVLSSCAP ALBUM REVIEW”


Purple Reign Score

Prince’s 1984 release Purple Rain was one of extravagance, emotional authenticity, and ornate sexuality. It redefined the artistic possibilities that came with making pop music, largely aided by it being the soundtrack to Prince’s accompanying film of the same name. “When Doves Cry” would go on to become one of his most adored tracks, and the ceremonial synth beginning of opener “Let’s Go Crazy” remains one of music’s most renowned introductions. The record is a nonstop ricochet of synth-pop and R&B sounds, neatly brought together by a conceptual story of a rock star’s familial tribulations and rise to fame. So why then, over thirty years later, has Future boldly decided to stylize his album title and album art as a reimagining of Prince’s pop masterpiece? Continue reading “Purple Reign ALBUM REVIEW”

Ash Koosha – “Mudafossil” TRACK REVIEW

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It’s hard not to infer that the music of those with personally affecting stories and their narratives are somewhat related. But with the first single off of Ash Koosha’s upcoming LP titled I AKA I, the sound and the story seemingly align. And his story is that of turmoil and unease, after seeking asylum in the UK after the music he made forced him out of his native Iran. Following last year’s alien-esque GUUD, Koosha continues to deliver even more otherworldly compositions. Continue reading “Ash Koosha – “Mudafossil” TRACK REVIEW”


Third Law Score

Why do the monoliths hold such power? They apparently propelled evolution onto the right course that landed us here. They invoke a response that usually pushes its observer closer. They’re seen floating around space, evidently aimlessly, and they’ve been spotted standing upright on surfaces of barren landscapes. They hold a lot of significance, probably more than could be guessed. But what do they represent, and what put them where they’re found? Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey certainly doesn’t provide many answers, but it does give enough visual stimulation to point us into some kind of direction. And it’s that slight nudge onto the course for answers that gives the film momentum, amplifying it further, far beyond the exceptional display of colors and effects that it is. Continue reading “Third Law ALBUM REVIEW”