The Benchmark

“The Benchmark” is a collection of tracks, albums, and EPs that can be looked at as achievements in modern music. They set the standard for their respective genre and are what we consider essential to music listeners. 

Benchmark Albums

BP Benchmark

Collect Benchmark

Aesop Benchmark

Love Streams 90 Card

BBF Score.png

UU 84.png

Split EP Benchmark Score

Daze Benchmark Page

0.02 Benchmark Score

Ultimate Care II Benchmark Score

The Gamble Benchmark Score

Moth Benchmark Score.png

Third Law Benchmark Score

Blackstar Benchmark Score.png


Benchmark Tracks

When It Rain”                              “Groovy Tony

Black Phase”                                “The Community of Hope

Drone Bomb Me”                         “Charging the Void

Ice Water”                                     “Sick

Golden Gal”                                  “No More Parties in LA

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